Howard Farr

  • Vodafone - £9m SDH radio contract. Follow-on £70m VPN on migration to fibre

  • Orange - £3m radio contract and subsequent fibre order @£25m

  • AT&T - £25m fibre contract in UK

  • Verizon (formerly MCI) – Danish Ministries global satellite VSAT network

  • British Telecom - $20m broadcast satellite TV contract into West Africa for Media Overseas/Canal+

  • $8m new sector ground and satellite contract with European Broadcasting Union against strong incumbent (Globecast/Eutelsat)

  • Made staff change and mentored new Sales Director who converted Major Account in jeopardy to significant $1m per month billings within 3 years for UK Government Department (FCO)

  • Level 3 (formerly Global Crossing) – largest Network Services deal in company history @$25m for British Council global satellite network

  • Region closed first pre-launch contract @$33m on new satellite to maritime customer (NewWave BroadBand/Ship Equip)